NLNM is an a-gender streetwear brand, distinctive and iconic, cool, timeless and no season.

NLNM is a contrast of colors, night and day in the same item.

NLNM is a union between the past, tradition and craftsmanship of handmade embroidery, and the future, with the application of innovative Hi-Wearable Technologies.

NLNM plays with hashtags inspired by the "online" society we live in, motivational sentences or irreverent "street" messages, cool graphics, printings and embroideries are strictly Made in Italy.


Nothing Less Nothing More



Each item is designed, printed and embroidered in our laboratories in Italy with deep attention to details.
The lighting threads are hand embroidered to make each item unique.

The technologies used for our lighting embroideries are CE and RoHS certified.

The lighting threads are completely waterproof and the garments can be hand washed after removing the battery.

By framing the QR code it is possible to view the correct maintenance of the garment and see our tutorials on battery replacement.